'100-year-old' tram tracks uncovered near Nottingham train station

The old Nottingham tram Image copyright Nottingham City Council
Image caption The old tram tracks were found during work to fix a gas leak

Tram tracks dating back about 100 years have been uncovered during work near to Nottingham's railway station.

The rails, which would have been part of the city's first network in the early 20th Century, are set to be removed later.

The city council have offered the tracks to Crich Tramway Village, in Derbyshire, home of the National Tramway Museum.

The museum's curator, Laura Waters, said it was a wonderful discovery.

Image copyright National Tramway Museum
Image caption Station Street in 1949 looking at the junction with London Road
Image caption Station Street as it is now

She said: "They are always exciting to see because not all systems buried their tracks so we never quite know who did what with them.

"Some ripped them up, some buried them and obviously it's a reminder of Nottingham's transport history."

Image copyright National Tramway Museum
Image caption Track work taking place in the Market Square circa 1930s
Image caption Nottingham's tram network includes a stop at the Old Market Square

Nottingham reintroduced a tram network in 2004, with a line stretching from Nottingham Station to Hucknall.

A second line running from the city to Chilwell and Beeston, began operation in 2015.

Image copyright National Tramway Museum
Image caption Tram 192 heads off from the Market Square in 1932

Ms Waters said: "It's interesting that often, towns and cities got rid of their trams because they got in the way of cars which were increasing in popularity.

"Now they are being reintroduced to help reduce the number of cars on the roads."

A spokesman for Nottingham City Council said: "Last year there was a gas leak in Station Road and when the engineers dug up the road they found the track, which was a bit of a surprise.

"It's all a bit hit and miss where the track is. We've got major works coming up near Broadmarsh [shopping centre] and it may be we find some more there.

"There could be lots under Market Square which was the old hub for the trams."