'Phantom Aerosol' highlights danger to cyclists

Cycle lane marked with "door lane" on Haydn Road in Sherwood, Nottingham
Image caption The latest road markings refer to the problem of "car dooring"

A mystery graffiti artist dubbed the "Phantom Aerosol" has spayed a series of DIY road markings to highlight dangers to cyclists.

One of the markings painted in Nottingham describes a cycle lane as a "door lane", in reference to the problem of "car dooring".

The dangerous practice sees drivers open car doors in the path of cyclists, resulting in injury and even deaths.

But Nottingham City Council said the markings present their own dangers.

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Image copyright Facebook/realbeeston
Image caption A marking reading "unsafe bike lane" appeared on a cycle lane in Chilwell

A council spokesman said: "We are arranging to have this graffiti removed, as it is a potential distraction to drivers.

"The person or people behind this may think it's harmless fun, but they are putting themselves and others at risk and placing unnecessary removal costs on local taxpayers."

The latest markings are in Haydn Road and are among several to appear in recent months.

A photo was posted on the Facebook page of a group called Notts Mass - but the group has said it is not responsible.

People posting on the page had mixed thoughts about the markings.

Image copyright Harding family photo
Image caption Sam Harding was fatally crushed by a bus in London after a driver opened his car door without checking his mirror

Anthony Greenfield commented "The phantom aerosol strikes again!" and said he had experienced "mayhem" in the road as parents picked their children up from school, with "doors flying open galore".

Henry Twigger posted: "Cyclists need to be reminded to keep clear of parked car doors. This little reminder could quite easily save some ones life. Don't remove it."

But Michael Metcalfe said it will "cost tax payers money to clean up the mess".

Previous markings, saying "unsafe bike lane", appeared in March on a cycle lane in Chilwell where cyclists have injured themselves on tram tracks.

Also in March, a picture of a cyclist and the words "cyclist priority" appeared on Mansfield Road.

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