MP wants Claire Martin Italian 'suicide' answers

Claire Martin Image copyright Family Handout
Image caption Claire Martin died from stab wounds to her neck in Italy in 2012

An MP has written to Prime Minister David Cameron in her bid to establish how a suicide verdict was ruled after a British woman died in Italy in 2012 from stab wounds to the neck.

The Italian authorities concluded Claire Martin killed herself after suffering from post-natal depression.

Her parents, from Sutton-in-Ashfield in Nottinghamshire, believe she was murdered because "things don't add up".

Ashfield MP Gloria De Piero said there are "anomalies to explore".

Ms Martin, 30, lived with son and her in-laws in Grottaminarda, near Naples, while her partner worked in Germany.

In March 2012, Ms Martin suffered multiple stab wounds to her neck, struggled upstairs and died.

'Cover up'

A murder investigation was launched, but 15 months later the Italian authority closed the case after it ruled she had committed suicide.

Following a recent Guardian newspaper article on her death, her father Ray Martin said: "Things don't add up.

"It's impossible to stab yourself multiple times in the neck and climb up stairs after wiping the blood clean off the knife."

Her mother Pat Martin said: "It's a continuing nightmare, nobody gives a damn."

Ms De Piero said forensic reports have been translated into English, but there are witness statements and other evidence only available in Italian.

The MP has asked for a meeting in October with the Italian government to "get the answers the Martin's need".

Mr Martin said: "We hope to meet with the magistrate, but I honestly don't know why they won't speak with us."

The Foreign Office said it would not comment on individual cases, but has provided consular assistance to the family.

It added: "We will continue to assist in any way we can, although we cannot interfere in the legal system of another country."

Claire Martin's last days

  • Claire Martin's parents said she was not depressed when they spoke to her the day before her death
  • In March 2012, she was downstairs, ready to go to work, when she suffered multiple stab wounds to her neck
  • Ms Martin then struggled upstairs, collapsed and died
  • Her mother-in-law thought she heard Ms Martin trying to say "a man" before she died, but later said she was not sure
  • A forensic report stated her finger prints were not found on the knife used and her blood had been cleaned off it
  • The first coroner's report concluded she had been murdered and her wounds were not compatible with suicide, but said there were no signs of self-defence.
  • A second report ruled Ms Martin had committed suicide after suffering from post-natal depression

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