Light aircraft hits moving Nottinghamshire council van

Light aircraft
Image caption The light aircraft "clipped" the moving van as it was attempting to take off from Lambley Airstrip

A light aircraft crashed into a moving van as it was taking off from a private airstrip, council officials say.

Emergency services were called to Lambley Airstrip at 12:40 GMT after the aircraft "clipped" a Nottinghamshire County Council van driving along an adjacent road.

One man was treated by paramedics but no-one is thought to have been seriously injured.

The Civil Aviation Authority has been informed of the crash, police said.

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Image caption No-one is believed to have been seriously injured following the crash

Neil Hodgson, the council's service director for highways, said the driver of the van was "shaken" but unhurt.

Anyone with any information on the crash is asked to contact Nottinghamshire Police.

Image caption Nottinghamshire Police said the Civil Aviation Authority has been informed of the collision

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