Boy, 6, chases Nottingham tram after becoming separated from family

Samantha Parker-Smith
Image caption Samantha Parker-Smith said she feared her son would run into the road

A six-year-old boy was left chasing a tram after its doors closed and he became separated from his mother.

Samantha Parker-Smith said the driver refused to stop after her son left the vehicle ahead of her at the Holy Trinity stop in Clifton on Thursday.

She said her son Marli had "fear in his face" and was screaming.

Nottingham Express Transit (NET) said it was an "unfortunate" incident but drivers are told not to stop for "safety reasons".

'Worst nightmare'

Ms Parker-Smith said she was just behind her son when he stepped out on to the platform, but the doors closed in front of her and the tram began to move.

She said: "Everyone was shouting, screaming for the driver to stop because we had left a child behind.

"It was awful... It was a parent's worst nightmare."

The tram continued to the Clifton Centre stop, about half a mile (0.8 km) away, where she disembarked and got a lift back to where she last saw her son.

Image caption Ms Parker-Smith (middle) and her son Marli (right) at the stop where the incident happened

Marliwas being looked after at the stop.

"All I had kept thinking was that he's going to keep running next to the tram into the road," Ms Parker-Smith said.

The company said: "Our drivers do have to follow accepted safety standards in these circumstances and they should not stop the tram until the next stop.

"As soon as a driver is made aware, our control room is instantly alerted and can monitor the situation at the tram stop via our CCTV system."

However, a spokesman has told the BBC that its no stop procedure could be reviewed in light of recent events.

In September, a three-year-old girl was left stranded at a stop when the doors closed before her parents could get off.

NET apologised but the BBC later discovered that there had been a number of similar incidents.

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