Missing cat found in Nottinghamshire pet food warehouse

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The moment an owner is reunited with her pet cat after 16 months missing

A cat missing for more than a year has been reunited with his owner after he was found "feasting" in a pet food warehouse.

Norwegian Forest cat Clive vanished from his home in Toton, Nottinghamshire, in October 2014.

He was found at the Kennelgate Pet Superstores warehouse, about two miles away, where he had repeatedly set off the alarms during the night.

His owner Tanya Irons said she could not believe he was "so porky".

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On first seeing Clive, Tanya Irons exclaimed: "He's a porker."

"It's amazing, he's so big and fluffy because it's winter," she said.

"He liked to go outside a lot, but we think somebody must have been feeding him, he's such a lovely cat.

"I can't believe he's so porky."

When Clive first went missing Ms Irons put out appeals for help but heard nothing, assuming he had been taken in by a new owner.

But in recent weeks staff at the warehouse began to notice that something was amiss.

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Nobody is certain what Clive has been up to for the last 16 months but he turned up in a pet food warehouse

Colin Lewis, retail operations director, said: "The warehouse operations director was getting alarm calls because there was something active in the warehouse at night - it was setting the alarms off.

"We eventually found it was a cat - we just couldn't catch it."

Using a cat trap, the staff managed to apprehend Clive and reunited him with Ms Irons and her family this week - although they warned her he "smelled a bit".

Mr Lewis said: "It's great to see...I'm happy they're back together again.

"It's been a strange day at the office."