BBC's Sarah Teale harassed during report about harassment

media captionThe actual comments directed at the presenter have been bleeped out

A BBC TV reporter was harassed in the street while filming a report about street harassment.

Sarah Teale was filming outside a conference on the subject in Nottingham when a man directed a sexual comment towards her.

The East Midlands Today reporter said she was "genuinely shocked" by what the man said.

She said: "It's not banter, it's not funny and no-one should have to put up with it."

In the clip, Teale can be heard explaining: "An online study showed that a shocking 95% of people said they had been harassed, jeered at, or had obscenities shouted at them in the street and a large proportion said they'd also been groped or grabbed inappropriately in public."

Then, as a comment is made, she can be seen pointing ahead and saying: "Yeah, like that."

People took to social media to comment on what happened, with many posting messages of support.

One post from Helen Briggs simply read: "Shameful."

Another from Neil Harrison said: "Name and shame the moronic... sad pathetic creep."

Some said the man's comments were just part of an internet craze, while others thought the video had been staged to make a point.

Sandy Oestreich said: "I think it was planned or staged."

Mickey Sjv Gregory added he thought it was "someone just cashing in on the trend and trying to be funny".

The TV presenter said it was good people were now talking about the issue but said claims the video was staged were "absolute nonsense".

She said: "It's fairly obvious from my reaction that it wasn't staged.

"If it is a craze it doesn't make it any less offensive."

National press, including the Independent and New Statesman, covered the story, which was also featured on Australian TV.

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