Nottingham Sainsbury's cash machine 15in off the ground

BBC reporter measuring how low the cash machine is off the ground
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Customers have to bend or kneel to use the cash machine in Basford

A supermarket cash machine has been installed just 15in (38cm) off the ground in Nottingham.

Customers have to bend or kneel to use the machine, installed outside a Sainsbury's Local store in Basford.

A Sainsbury's spokesman said the cash machine was installed so low down because it was located on a hill.

The supermarket added that it had not had any complaints about the height but was looking at moving the machine, thought to be Britain's lowest.

Steve Drury, 27, who posted a picture on social media, told the Daily Mail: "I couldn't believe it.

"It was just so low to the ground and a man using it was squatting to try to get his money out.

"The poor guy must have done his back in. It looked incredibly uncomfortable."

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Sainsbury's said it had not had any complaints but was looking at relocating the machine