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University of Nottingham students ban topless papers

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image captionNewspapers such as The Sun and the Daily Star have been boycotted

Newspapers featuring topless women have been banned from sale at the University of Nottingham's student union shops.

Student feminist campaigners said papers such as The Sun and the Daily Star had been boycotted until its editors removed the topless images.

The Sun editor David Dinsmore has previously said the paper will continue to print pictures of Page Three girls because it was what readers "wanted".

The campus ban was backed - 15 votes to three - at a student committee meeting.

Francesca Garforth, who led the campaign group University of Nottingham Feminists with Jo Lockwood Estrin, said it was simply wrong to use suggestive pictures as a way of selling papers.

"It takes the idea that this woman has an opinion and is allowed to voice it because she's also got her breasts out," she said.

Miss Estrin said: "The amount of people it harms - one in seven women on university campuses in the UK are raped or seriously sexually assaulted and we do believe that it is a link to these kinds of images being normalised.

"Seeing these images on a day-to-day basis normalises the idea that women are there and voiceless."

She added the images were "not appropriate in the context of a family newspaper".

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