Nottinghamshire Police rename 'Badvent Calendar' after complaints

Nottinghamshire Police's Festive Crime calendar
Image caption The calendar forms part of the force's Alliance Against Violence campaign

Nottinghamshire Police has renamed its advent calendar after its own officers are among those complaining about it.

Each door of the "Badvent Calendar", which was launched at the start of December, unveils a picture and details of a person wanted by the force.

But after criticisms the name was "in poor taste" it was renamed as the Festive Crime Calendar.

However Humberside Police have been using the Badvent Calendar name this year.

The calendar has details of those who are wanted targets by Nottinghamshire Police, have failed to appear in court or who have been recalled to prison.

Nottinghamshire Police said: "The force is always looking for new ways to engage with the public to help reduce crime and arrest offenders.

"Traditional methods of getting crime reduction messages out can no longer be relied upon as a way of capturing the public's attention and using events such as the run up to Christmas to raise awareness of outstanding offenders is a way of doing this.

"The Badvent Calendar has already been used by police in Bristol and Thames Valley in previous years and this year Humberside Police is also using it.

"The response from the media and the public to our calendar has been overwhelmingly positive with only one person expressing concern via social media.

"However, following several complaints from our own officers and staff who felt it was in poor taste, the decision was taken to change its name to a Festive Crime Calendar."

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