Edwin Starr: Miles from home

Soul legend Edwin Starr had worldwide success in the 1960s and 70s with hits including the classic protest song War.

But the Nashville-born singer spent the final years of his life thousands of miles from the Motown heartland of Detroit.

He died in Chilwell - on the outskirts of Nottingham - in 2003.

A decade later, Starr's younger brother Angelo Starr and manager Lilian Kyle look back on his life and chart his unusual journey to the English suburbs.

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Images courtesy: Lilian Kyle, Angelo Starr, Joe La Russo, Gene Laverne, Getty Images, Associated Press, Adam Craig and Shawn Ryan.

Music by Edwin Starr and Stevie Wonder.

Slideshow production by Caroline Lowbridge. Publication date 24 October 2013.


Edwin Starr

Motown Museum

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