Lynnette Wallace arrest officers face gross misconduct case

Three Nottinghamshire police officers face dismissal over the treatment of a pregnant woman.

Lynnette Wallace, 42, was arrested at home in July 2011 and taken to Bridewell custody suite.

Solicitors acting for Ms Wallace allege she was stripped from the waist up, handcuffed for 11 hours and assaulted.

Following an Independent Police Complaints Commission investigation, the officers will face a gross misconduct hearing later this month.

An IPCC spokesman said a complaint was made to Nottinghamshire Police in October 2011, which was then passed to them for investigation.

He continued: "The IPCC has recommended a number of officers face disciplinary proceedings and that three police officers have a case to answer for gross misconduct.

"A misconduct hearing for an inspector and two sergeants is scheduled to take place next month. A possible outcome from a misconduct hearing is dismissal.

"Another sergeant will be required to attend a misconduct meeting and two police constables and a further sergeant will receive management action from a senior officer at Nottinghamshire Police."

The IPCC also confirmed it is reconsidering an earlier decision not to refer its final investigation report to the Crown Prosecution Service.

A Nottinghamshire Police spokesperson confirmed it was acting on the IPCC recommendations but said it would not currently be appropriate to comment further.

Findings made public

The Police Federation, which represents ranks of chief inspector and below, said it would be "fully supporting and defending" the officers involved.

Phil Matthews, chairman of the Nottinghamshire branch, said he could not comment on the case directly but added: "The custody environment is not risk-free.

"We deal with very challenging and often disturbed individuals who are intend on harming themselves and others and we have to be able to face that."

The full findings of the IPCC report are expected to be made public once the disciplinary proceedings have finished.

Bhatt Murphy Solicitors said the issue of compensation was being "looked into".

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