Arnold residents say Dorket Head landfill smell 'overpowering'

Dozens of Nottinghamshire residents are planning to take a waste firm to court in a bid for compensation over the smell from a nearby landfill site.

About 40 families near Dorket Head in Arnold said the odour was so strong they could not use their gardens or keep their windows open.

FCC Environment spokesman said the site remained "fully compliant with its operating permit in relation to odour".

Resident George Rose said the smell from the landfill was "overpowering".

Gases 'channelled'

"It is the smell of rotting gas and rotting vegetation… and it really is overpowering," Mr Rose said.

"The landfill is in the wrong place - it is in the highest point of Nottinghamshire and our houses are below the level of the tip. We daren't open our windows."

FCC Environment spokesman Will Gander said: "Taking account of feedback from the local community - and to minimise the risk of any odour at the site - we continue to invest in the site's infrastructure.

"This work includes providing a high level of ground coverage, whereby a greater area of waste is covered using a thicker layer than we usually use on landfill sites.

"We have also extended our gas management system which ensures the whole site can channel gases produced by the waste underground."

Solicitor Gwen Evans said the group planned to apply for an injunction calling for the firm to deal with the odour and for compensation.

Resident Chris Lyons said: "It really does make your heart sink. It means that we can't open our windows during hot weather, leave out washing in the summer, or enjoy our garden in the evening."

The landfill was operated by Waste Recycling Group, which has been rebranded as FCC Environment by its Spanish parent company.

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