Nottingham residents request felled trees for community use

Residents have requested that dozens of trees being felled to make way for a new tram route in Nottingham be donated for community use.

The Meadows residents said they wanted wood from trees dug up along Queen's Walk to be used for local projects.

Community spokesperson Pat Thomas said she accepted that about 80 trees could be felled as part of the scheme.

But said she had received a positive response about using the wood to create play areas and benches.

She said: "These trees have been here for 80-100 years and I'm a real 'greeny' - so would like to make use of what we've got.

"We've had a meeting with the park ranger and have talked about other uses for the wood," she said.

"I accept that in the long run this is progress, but in the short term we need to work together to preserve what we can."

The trees are to be removed as part of the extension to the Nottingham Express Transit (NET) network.

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