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Quick action saved Nottingham boy, 13, injured in school fight

media captionA Nottingham teenager who was left fighting for his life after being assaulted in school was saved by the quick action of school staff.
A Nottingham teenager who was left fighting for his life after being seriously injured in a school fight was saved by quick-thinking staff, his head teacher said.
Callum Massey, 13, was knocked unconscious at the National Church of England Academy in September 2011.
Head teacher Jack Edwards said Callum's life was saved by the caretaker and other staff.
No-one was charged over the incident. His parents say they want to move on.

'Worst nightmare'

Callum spent three weeks in Leicester's Glenfield Hospital and while he was being treated doctors found a serious heart condition, his parents said, which is now being treated.
He has returned to classes at the school. The other boy involved has left.
Nottinghamshire Police said: "A full investigation was carried out and, due to the age of both boys and the nature of the incident, it was agreed a restorative justice approach was the best solution."
"We don't want to see young people criminalised for acting rashly or making a bad decision in the heat of the moment," Sgt Deb Barton said.
"The incident … let to the victim receiving medical treatment that saved his life."
Jack Edwards said: "Two of our staff knew what to do in the circumstances and as a result were able to save the boy's life."
Eddie Heath, the school caretaker who tried to revive Callum, said: "We went into the classroom and Callum was on the floor - unconscious but still breathing.
"But later, after I phoned the ambulance, he actually stopped [breathing].
"It was a surreal moment with this child in front of you - unconscious, not breathing and dying - you have to make a decision on what to do next - which was CPR."
His mother Lynne Massey said: "It is the worst nightmare you could ever imagine.
"I am just really thankful that Dr Edwards had the notion to send his staff on first aid because it does literally save lives - without Eddie my Callum wouldn't be here at all."

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