Cars seized in Nottinghamshire metal theft checks

Police in Nottinghamshire have seized vehicles, issued fines and are investigating suspicious loads after a day of action against metal theft.

Officers inspected 48 vehicles in roadside checks in Nottingham and Newark Cattle Market on 14 December.

Four vehicles were seized due to a lack of insurance and five drivers could be prosecuted if police find metal they were carrying was stolen.

Over the past three years, metal theft in Nottinghamshire has gone up by 17%.

Det Sgt Rob Lloyd, from Nottinghamshire Police's metal theft team, said: "We continue to cast our web far and wide in a bid to close down the ring of metal theft in Nottinghamshire.

"This approach not only targets the thieves but looks to give them no avenues to profit from their crimes. If there's no monetary incentive then there's no point."

On the day, officers also arrested a man in Newark for being in possession of an offensive weapon and one driver was fined £500 for carrying red diesel.

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