Nottinghamshire village to fly union jack 'all year round'

A Nottinghamshire parish council has voted to fly the village union jack all year after a row about its removal.

Gamston Parish Council voted 7-2 in favour of the year-round display of the flag despite some opposition.

In September, the council voted to only fly the flag on special occasions after complaints that it had become a symbol for far-right groups.

Councillor John Harbury-Carlisle, who threatened to resign over the issue, said it was a focus for national pride.

'Level of fear'

"It is our national flag - and I respect that flag. It gives me a great feeling of pride," Mr Harbury-Carlisle said.

The flag, on Gamston village common, had been flying since April's royal wedding before the decision to limit its use.

A 59-name petition supporting the year-around display of the flag was presented to the council on Monday evening.

Gamston resident Roger Henry and several other villagers said the flag had become a symbol of far-right political groups and he was worried that it sent out the wrong message.

"There is nothing wrong with the British flag but… people have used the British flag to demonstrate extreme right-wing beliefs," Mr Henry said.

"The flag being up all-year round it creates a level of fear and uncomfortableness amongst people of different ethnicities."

He said: "It has already been said that it is losing its significance by being up all the time."

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