Batman boost as The Dark Knight Rises at Wollaton Hall

Christian Bale is shown as Batman in a scene from The Dark Knight.
Image caption Christian Bale returns as Batman and Tom Hardy will play super villain Bane in The Dark Knight Rises

News the latest Batman movie is being filmed at Nottingham's Wollaton Hall could prompt a "massive increase" in visitor numbers.

The BBC understands that scenes from The Dark Knight Rises will be shot at the Elizabethan house in June and July.

James Trevetchick from Chatsworth House in Derbyshire - which has hosted three Hollywood film crews recently - said any major movie has a huge impact.

But he said the mansion and its grounds could also see a lot of disruption.

Mr Trevetchick is Logistics Controller at Chatsworth and regularly deals with inquiries from film location managers.

Scenes from The Duchess, Pride and Prejudice and The Wolf Man were all shot at the stately home.

"Any large feature film has a massive impact," said Mr Trevetchick.

"There will be a crew of anything between 150 to 200 on site. Dozens and dozens of trailers, lighting trucks and generator trucks.

"There will be teams of people dressing the property. There's no stone left unturned - they are incredibly thorough."

'Nosey parkers'

Last week, a sign was put up at Wollaton Hall stating that areas of the park and grounds would be closed for filming and maintenance.

The film-makers are trying to keep publicity as "low-key" as possible and have refused to officially confirm they are working on The Dark Knight Rises.

Andrew Knight, spokesman for the Broadway - an independent cinema in Nottingham - said any film made in the city could provide opportunities and boost the local economy.

Image caption Wollaton Hall is an Elizabethan mansion built between 1580 and 1588

"Films can have a huge effect on tourism and future investment too - especially with the added allure of having major stars in town."

Mr Trevetchick said Nottingham City Council, which runs Wollaton Hall, had probably signed a confidentiality agreement.

"It's not the done thing to make a song and dance about the fact that you've got a film being filmed at your location while it is going on," he said.

"It doesn't help having lots of people milling around, being nosey parkers.

"You try and make a big feature of it after the film's come out because that then leads to increased visitor numbers."

The Dark Night Rises, starring Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy and Michael Caine, is to be released at cinemas next year.

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