Westfield Folk House Young People's Centre opens

A £6.5m youth centre has opened in a Mansfield stately home.

The Westfield Folk House Young People's Centre includes multi-media gaming zones, music and dance studios and a cafe.

The outdoor area includes a gym, allotments, graffiti walls and sports courts.

Most of the money for the project came from the government's Myplace fund, with Nottinghamshire County Council contributing £1.5m.

Christopher Warren, from Nottinghamshire County Council's Young People's Service, said: "Young people have been involved from day one so it is going to deliver to them what they need - positive activities and fun things to do seven nights a week.

"By getting £5m from central government it has allowed us to build something that is really world class for the people of Mansfield and the surrounding area.

"Our problem is we don't think that we'll be able to cope with the numbers of people who will want to come - it's so good."

Nottinghamshire County Council are to fund the day-to-day running of the facility.

Council leader Kay Cutts defended the added expense to the council's budget at a time when other services are being cut.

"The idea was that we were saving money so that we could spend it on those things we think are worth having."

The Grade II listed 1830s stately home was donated to the young people of Mansfield by its owner after the Second World War. It has been used as a youth centre ever since.

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