Lib Dems form coalition with Labour in Broxtowe

The Liberal Democrats on Broxtowe Borough Council in Nottinghamshire have decided to form a coalition with Labour.

The Conservatives have 18 seats on the council, with Labour on 17 and the Liberal Democrats nine.

Liberal Democrat leader David Watts said the Labour vision for the future was "the best for Broxtowe".

Conservative leader Councillor Richard Jackson said he was "disappointed" at the decision.

Councillor Jackson said: "It is disappointing that there is not going to be change.

"We could have worked together I am sure, and I am disappointed that we will not be contributing to the changes that are necessary in Broxtowe."

Labour and the Liberal Democrats have run the council for the past eight years.

Councillor Watts said: "We felt the package and the personality and the vision that Labour had did more for the people of Broxtowe than the one that the Conservatives offered."

He said Broxtowe voters clearly wanted "partnership working" and clearly did not want one party in overall control.

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