County to save £18m on Nottingham tram funds

Nottinghamshire County Council is withdrawing most of its support for Nottingham's tram expansion in a bid to save £18m.

City council officials aim to push ahead with their proposed £400m plans to extend the tram network.

The county council will still help fund concessionary fares and support businesses in Chilwell if the new tram lines are built.

More than £28m has already been spent on preparation for the tram project.

Stage two

County Councillor Richard Jackson said: "We are not against trams per se, but we are against both routes that are proposed as part of the expansion."

He added:" We also have question marks about the funding. We are not prepared to write a blank cheque from the county council for that funding.

"We know it will be at least £18m and by withdrawing from stage two that is £18m we can spend elsewhere and it is money that can be ploughed into transport projects across the county."

City councillor Graham Chapman said: "They have not sabotaged the scheme. We want a network for the whole area… we are already thinking of a fourth line and a fifth line."

The two new routes to the city's tram system would run to Clifton via Wilford and to Chilwell via Beeston.

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