Escaped bird of prey returns to owner

Image caption,
Sammy the eagle owl is about twice the size of her mate Boudica (pictured)

An owl with a six foot (1.8m) wingspan that escaped from its owner's home in Nottinghamshire has returned.

Sammy, a female European eagle owl, flew away from its home in East Stoke on Monday night and failed to return.

Sammy's owner Lee Ravenscroft was concerned the bird of prey might attack small family pets such as cats if she remained at large.

He said the bird, which is normally fed live chicks, came back on its own on Tuesday evening.

The European eagle owl is the largest owl in the world and can attack cats, squirrels and small dogs, Mr Ravenscroft said.

He said Sammy's mate Boudica had been "enjoying the peace and quiet" while his partner had been away.

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