Campaign against medicine waste in Nottinghamshire

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People are encouraged to return unwanted medication to pharmacies or surgeries

A campaign has been launched to reduce the amount of wasted medicines in Nottinghamshire.

NHS Nottinghamshire County has joined together with local pharmacies to help encourage people to think carefully before ordering repeat prescriptions.

Health bosses in the county said wasted medicines cost the NHS locally more than £500,000 each year.

Patients receiving prescription medicines will be urged to order the right amounts and not to stockpile.

Medicine amnesty

Posters and leaflets will be displayed in pharmacies and GP practices to persuade patients.

The health trust said evidence shows that about 30% of waste is avoidable, with patients asking for medicines they do not actually use.

Mervyn Ritchie, medicines management services manager at NHS Nottinghamshire County said: "Wasted medicines can't be used again so it is essential we work together to tackle this issue and provide patients with the best possible information.

"By making improvements in this area, we can make better use of resources and invest in other areas of healthcare to benefit the local community.

"If anyone has any unused medicines at home we're encouraging them to take them back to the pharmacy for safe disposal and have a chat with the pharmacist or prescribing GP about their medication.

Medicine amnesties to dispose of unwanted drugs will be held until 21 November.

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