Northamptonshire Police 'Darth Vader' and 'ninja' e-fits mocked

Northamptonshire Police e-fit. Image copyright Northamptonshire Police
Image caption Northamptonshire Police posted this image after a woman had her handbag stolen in Corby

A police force that has been mocked for its e-fits has attracted more derision for its latest creations.

Northamptonshire Police issued two images on Friday of suspects in robberies, but these were instantly ridiculed on Facebook.

One was likened to Darth Vader and another to a ninja. This follows an e-fit two weeks ago that was said to look like Kryten from Red Dwarf.

The force has previously defended its "attention-grabbing" photofit images.

Image copyright Northamptonshire Police
Image caption This is an e-fit of a man officers want to speak to about a robbery at a house in Northampton

A number of users questioned whether the images were a joke, and some asked if it was a parody Facebook account.

One person asked: "Seriously, who does the e-fits for Northants Police? A four year old on a toy laptop?"

In one of the incidents police are investigating, four men forced their way into a house in Hazeldene Road in Northampton on Wednesday night and threatened the occupants with a screwdriver.

The other concerned a woman who had her handbag stolen in Viking Way, Corby, at about 00:15 BST on Tuesday.

When Northamptonshire Police released an e-fit in 2016, which some people said resembled a platypus, a spokeswoman said: "If it goes on to help catch the offender then it's done its job."

The BBC has asked the force for a comment about the response to the latest e-fits.

Image copyright Northamptonshire Police/Getty Images
Image caption An e-fit released last month was likened to Kryten - a robot character from sci-fi sitcom Red Dwarf
Image copyright Northamptonshire Police
Image caption Northamptonshire Police defended a photofit, posted in 2016, which was also widely ridiculed

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