Northampton mystery vegetable planter delights locals

Image caption Residents on Stimpson Avenue in Northampton have been delighted with the mystery vegetables and flowers

A mystery gardener has been brightening up a town centre street by planting flowers and vegetables.

As reported by the Northampton Chronicle, Stimpson Avenue, Abington, Northampton, has become home to several small plots of vegetation.

Tomatoes, runner beans and beetroot are among the crops being grown.

Resident Gary Cowell told the BBC: "I haven't a clue who's behind it and I've never seen anyone doing it".

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Liz Jones, a teacher at the nearby Stimpson Avenue Academy, said: "It really brightens the place up.

"When you park your car, you get out and think 'oh, they look pretty'. Imagine this street with no trees or no plants, it would be very stark and very bare and unwelcoming, but now we've got the lovely trees and the plants themselves."

Northampton Borough Council has been asked to comment.

Image caption Tomato plants are among the vegetables being grown
Image caption One resident said the street "would be very stark and very bare and unwelcoming" without the vegetable patches

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