Woman blacked-out in fatal collision

A woman blacked out at the wheel of her car and drove head-on into another vehicle, killing the driver, an inquest has heard.

Samantha Brockway told the family of 70-year-old Julie Bunkall that she was "dreadfully sorry".

Miss Bunkall, of The Hedges, Rushden, died on 6 June 2013 following the collision on the A6 in Burton Latimer.

Assistant coroner Belinda Cheney said it was likely Mrs Brockway lost control of the car due to incapacitation.

The collision took place when Mrs Brockway's Peugeot 308 veered into Miss Bunkall's Peugeot 206 on the A6 between Higham Road and Cranford Road in Northamptonshire.

The inquest, held at the Rockingham Forest Hotel in Corby, heard Mrs Brockway had been charged with dangerous driving, but found not guilty by the courts.

Mrs Brockway said she had no recollection of the collision.

She said: "I am sorry for your loss. Nothing I can say makes it any better. I am dreadfully sorry."

Ms Cheney said there was nothing Miss Bunkall could've done to avoid the collision.

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