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Camp Brookfield protesters leave site

image captionCamp Brookfield was established on 16 March to protest against the waste plant plans

A group of campaigners opposing plans for a gasification plant have abandoned a protest camp on the day a court ordered they be evicted.

Members of Camp Brookfield marched on Kettering County Court after leaving the site of the proposed waste processing plant near Corby.

Protesters say the facility will create pollution and damage the environment.

The developer, Drenl, said air coming out of the plant would be cleaner than that going in.

image captionProtesters believe the plant will harm the environment

The gasification plant would use rubbish to produce energy.

The campaigners set up Camp Brookfield on Gretton Brook Road, outside where the plant is to be built, on 16 March.

About 25 of them attended the court hearing, but only representative Lee Forster was allowed to enter the proceedings.

Mr Forster had said he would camp at the site "day and night" to stop the plant being built.

But outside court, he said he "cannot be out dodging lorries 24 hours, seven days a week" and that a decision to take the camp down had already been made.

"This was just to waste a little bit of their time and money," he said.

Another protester said: "I do not think they have thought about the long-term effects of toxins on Corby."

image captionLee Forster had said he would camp at the site "day and night" until the scheme was scrapped

But Drenl chairman James Brathwaite said the gasification process had been deemed safe by the government.

"It is a zeitgeist of the British psyche to worry about incinerators," he said.

"When we say we are not building a gasification plant, not an incinerator, they [opponents] are confused by people who make things up and present them as fact."

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