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Historic Kettering Library reopening

image captionKettering library has seen millions of visitors since it opened in 1904
The 109-year-old Kettering Library is to be reopened with a re-enactment of its first opening in 1904 after undergoing a £265,000 restoration.
The library was originally funded by US steel industry magnate Andrew Carnegie - who ploughed his money into thousands of libraries as well as building the Carnegie Hall in New York.
New funding has restored the original 1904 wooden parquet flooring.
The restoration includes allowing the original front door to be used again.
It had been shut for many years and a side entrance used.
In March 2012, the Friends of Kettering Library group launched an appeal to restore the historic building to its former glory.
The group has raised about £15,000 and Northamptonshire County Council has provided a £250,000 grant.
Heather Smith, council portfolio holder for community services, said: "I'm really thrilled. It is really quite special.
"The library is one of town's most eye-catching and historic buildings and is visited by more than 800 people every day.
"The building is more than a century old so it's not surprising it needed some attention and it's been great to see the Friends of Kettering Library group and local community support this fundraising effort."
The reopening of the library is taking place at 14:15 BST on Sunday.

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