Walgrave teenager injured handling bomb bought online

A teenager from Northamptonshire was injured when a bomb he was dismantling exploded in his hand.

Luke Stillman, from Walgrave, bought the decommissioned Spanish 81mm mortar round, which he thought was inactive, from a specialist auction website.

The 16-year-old was dismantling it at the family home when it exploded, injuring his fingers.

Police are investigating how the round was still live and available to buy in the UK.

Terry Stillman, Luke's father, said he thought the mortar would have been made safe.

"By being inactive, it is my understanding that all explosive components would be removed," he said.

Det Sgt Andy Rogers, of Northampton CID, said: "This incident could potentially have resulted in Luke sustaining a much more serious injury.

"Anyone taking apart ordnance of any description should exercise the greatest care when doing so."

He added: "We need to know how this mortar round was still 'live' and available for purchase in this country and, to that end, we are investigating to see whether any criminal offences have been committed under the Firearms Act."

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