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Soldier's WWI story to be told at Kelmarsh Hall

image captionFred Wyke was killed by a shot to the head during World War I

The experiences of a soldier who died in World War I are to be re-enacted on a set at Kelmarsh Hall.

John Stanyard, from Kettering, has researched his great uncle Fred Wyke who died in 1916 from a gunshot wound.

As part of the English Heritage Festival of History on 16 and 17 July the hall has built a trench to recreate scenes from the war.

Letters found detailing Mr Wyke's living conditions in the trenches will be portrayed at the event.

"It's exciting that after all the hard work and research I have done in to my uncle, that his story will finally be told," said Mr Stanyard.

The set is being built by a team of archaeologists, historical interpreters and actors who have recently finished work on Steven Spielberg's new movie War Horse.

Shell craters

"It looks great and is as close to a true representation of trenches that you're going to get," said Mr Stanyard.

The event will feature water-filled shell craters, shattered trees and twisted barbed wire.

Each day there will be a presentation of real stories from the Great War, where Fred Wyke's story will be part of the presentations.

"After almost 100 years my uncle's story is finally being told," said Mr Stanyard.

Visitors will be able to enter the trench for a glimpse of the reality of life for men and horses on the battlefields of the Great War.