Conservatives win control of Northampton council

The Conservatives have taken control of Northampton Borough Council for the first time in 20 years in an election which saw huge losses for the Lib Dems.

The Liberal Democrats had been the largest party, without having a majority, but lost 19 councillors to be left with just four.

The Conservatives gained nine seats to take control with 26, while Labour gained 10 to finish with 15 members.

The Tories held every other council in Northants except Corby, held by Labour.

The Conservative holds all came with minor losses but huge majorities.

At Wellingborough Borough Council, Labour won five seats from the Conservatives but the new council is still dominated by the Tories, who have 27 councillors to Labour's nine.

In Daventry, Labour gained one seat from the Conservatives, who still hold 34 of the 38 places on the council.

The Conservatives held Kettering, with 26 councillors, while Labour have nine and there is one independent.

South Northamptonshire remains under Conservative control, with the party having 33 of the 42 seats. In East Northamptonshire the Tories lost three of their 38 members but still hold 35 of the 40 places on the council.

Labour strengthened its grip on Corby with six gains, four from the Conservatives and two from the Lib Dems. Labour holds 22 of the 29 places on the council, the Tories four and the Lib Dems three.

Conservatives dominate in East Northamptonshire holding 34 of the 40 seats.

Independents have four and labour two with Lib Dems completely absent.

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