Post to dog attack street in Northampton stopped

Postal deliveries to a street in Northampton have been suspended after Royal Mail staff were "repeatedly attacked by a dog".

Post has not been delivered to houses in Dorset Gardens since December last year after the incidents, thought to involve a terrier.

The Royal Mail said the move was a "last resort" and apologised for the inconvenience.

Dorset Gardens post can be collected from nearby Kingsthorpe Post Office.

The Post Office said it could also be delivered free of charge to any other address in the surrounding area.

'Great distress'

A spokesman said: "Royal Mail delivery staff have repeatedly been attacked by a dog in Dorset Gardens and, as a last resort, deliveries were suspended.

"We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused to our customers in Dorset Gardens.

"We want to resume deliveries as soon as our people can enter the close without being bitten by a dog."

He added: "There are around 5,000 dog attacks a year on Royal Mail people, which cause great distress and, in many cases, serious injuries."

Northampton Borough Council said it had also received reports from Royal Mail and concerned neighbours that a council tenant was failing to control an aggressive dog.

The council said tenants living in houses are allowed to keep up to two dogs, but only with permission and subject to conditions.

If the tenant breaches the conditions, the council can withdraw the permission.

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