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Kings Cliffe radioactive waste inquiry closes


The public inquiry into plans for a radioactive waste dump in a Northamptonshire village has ended.

Augean wants to dispose low-level radioactive material at a hazardous waste landfill site in the Kings Cliffe area, near Corby.

Northamptonshire county councillors unanimously rejected the plan in March.

The inspector's report will now go to the Secretary of State and a decision on the case is expected early next year.

Residents opposing the site have said 100 lorries a day would create noise and traffic congestion and 3,000 people have signed a petition.

A 'good hearing'

They have also said radiation levels could harm residents and the environment.

Aegean said the radioactive waste would be low level and pose no risk to human health or the environment.

The company said Kings Cliffe was the best current site available to take waste for the whole south of the country.

Louise Bowen-West, from Kings Cliffe Waste Watchers, a group opposing the plans, said: "It's been a very fair hearing and I've been very impressed by the inspector's impartiality.

"We've been given a good hearing. We've been listened to, we've been taken seriously and we've learned an awful lot."

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