John Travolta poses for photos in Norfolk Morrisons and Wetherspoon

Image source, Gary Middleton
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Morrisons security guard Gary Middleton with John Travolta who he spotted shopping in the branch

Hollywood actor John Travolta caused multiplying chills after he was spotted in a supermarket and pub in the UK.

Travolta, who is filming a short movie in West Raynham, Norfolk, popped into Morrisons in Fakenham where he posed for selfies with customers and staff.

Sam Frary, from Sculthorpe, was doing her weekly shop when she "bumped into him in the biscuit aisle".

"I never thought that in a million years that somebody like John Travolta would be in Morrisons," she said.

"He was lovely; he had time for everybody and it is something I will never forget.

"Ever since, my Facebook page has just gone a bit mad, and I've even been interviewed by the BBC Radio 2 breakfast show.

"So it just seems by doing my normal shop I'm getting my 15 minutes of fame."

Image source, Sam Frary
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Sam Frary's Facebook page has been "inundated" after she posted this snap with him

The star of blockbuster movies such as Saturday Night Fever, Grease and Pulp Fiction was also spotted having a drink and a burger in Dereham's Wetherspoon pub by Jamie Salter.

He said the star was with a group having a meal on Thursday night when he approached him in The Romany Rye pub.

"I shook his hand and said 'is it John?' and he said 'yeah, it is'," said Mr Salter.

"It was unreal. It was one of those moments when everything freezes and only hits you a couple of hours later."

Image source, Jamie Salter
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Jamie Salter managed to have a chat with John Travolta at Dereham's Wetherspoon pub

Gary Middleton, a security guard at Morrisons, did not believe his colleagues when they told him the star was doing a shop on Saturday.

"So I wandered up the aisles and came across him near the bread counter and had a look and I thought 'no'," he said.

After following him to the tills Travolta "just put his hand out to shake my hand".

"I said 'so you are John Travolta?' And he said 'yes', so we had a chat," said Mr Middleton.

"We had a little joke and then I said 'can I have a picture?', thinking he would say no, but he said 'yeah, go ahead'.

"He's a great chap."

The security guard said the actor - who bought a trolley full of goods including biscuits, pizzas and fillet steak - told him he was filming in the county.

He then went on to pose for photographs before leaving the store.

Image source, Nicola Gee
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Nicola Gee was the first to spot the Hollywood legend who popped into her branch of Morrisons

Morrisons' employee Nicola Gee said she was a "massive fan" of the superstar and was first to spot him in the supermarket.

"I just can't get over it. I'm still a bit starstruck," she said.

Ms Gee said Travolta, who came to the store with two men, spent about an hour there, chatting and taking selfies with staff and customers.

"You don't expect stars to do their own shopping. You expect them to send someone else," she said.

"We were all a bit excited, and he was just so pleasant about it.

"I've seen all his films. He looks really well still. It was totally crazy to see him in little Fakenham."

The supermarket worker plans to print and frame her photo with the actor.

Travolta also took afternoon tea in the area with his daughter Ella, 22, who was celebrating her birthday.

He posted a short video of the venue and its tiered cake stand on his Instagram account.

The actor revealed he was in England making a short film called The Shepherd, based on a book by Frederick Forsyth "that I've always loved".

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