Horsey seal with plastic ring on neck for years is rescued

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image captionThe seal has been named "Mrs Vicar" because of the white ring that was around the neck

A seal that had a plastic ring stuck around its neck for two-and-half years has had it removed after being rescued from a Norfolk beach.

The animal, named "Mrs Vicar", was captured on Horsey Beach, near Great Yarmouth, on Easter Sunday.

It is being cared for at the RSPCA's East Winch wildlife centre after having the ring taken off by vets.

Alison Charles, manager at the centre, said the wound was "very sore, but we are hopeful she will recover".

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image captionMrs Vicar was rescued off a Norfolk beach on Easter Sunday

The adult grey seal had the rigid white plastic ring deeply embedded in her neck, as seals are unable to get them off once their heads go through.

The RSPCA said as the seal grew bigger it began to cut into the neck and caused a 7cm (2.8in) deep wound, which became infected.

Ms Charles said: "All we can do now is hope that Mrs Vicar is strong enough to pull through.

"Even if she makes it through the next few days, we are not out of the woods and we will be treating her for a number of months."

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image captionThe seal is at the RSPCA East Winch wildlife centre which specialises in care for injured seals

Peter Ansell, chairman of the Friends of Horsey Seals which helped rescue the seal, said it was named Mrs Vicar due to the white ring around the neck.

He said the ring "turned out to be some type of flange, possibly used in large scale pipework".

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