'Houdini' cat in King's Lynn forces dismantling of three vehicles

Cars being dismantled with a picture of the rescued cat. Image copyright RSPCA
Image caption The RSPCA said the cat was finally rescued from the third vehicle it hid in after "several hours"

Three vehicles had to be partially dismantled in one day to rescue a kitten that kept climbing into engines.

RSPCA officers were called to a car park after someone heard meowing coming from a car, in Norfolk.

Wheels and bodywork were removed at a garage in King's Lynn, but before Lohse was reached, she ran under another.

That car was also partially dismantled before the third escape - under the RSPCA's own van - which was then taken apart to finally reach the feline.

The charity said it took "several hours" to rescue the animal, believed to be between six and 12 weeks old, on 14 July.

Image copyright RSPCA
Image caption Lohse, the "little Houdini", has been adopted by an RSPCA officer

RSPCA officer Natalie Read has since adopted the cat, named Lohse.

She said: "This kitten was proving a little Houdini, but there's no way we could leave her in any of the vehicles or alone in the middle of a busy town centre, so we just had to try again."

Colleague Naemi Kilby said: "The kitten was so terrified by what had happened, we had to get her because she could have been seriously hurt or killed if she had been inside a car engine for too long while moving."

It is likely Lohse travelled to the car park in another vehicle from a farm 10 miles away, the RSPCA said.

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