Mattishall boy 'polices' speeders with 'a stern look'

Harry Cannell Image copyright Claire Cannell
Image caption Harry scowls at motorists if he thinks they are going too fast

A seven-year-old boy whose cat was run over and killed outside his home has been "policing" speeding drivers by giving them "a stern look".

Harry Cannell wears a hi-vis jacket on his drive in Mattishall, Norfolk, waving at those who keep within the limit and scowling at offenders.

His enthusiasm recently attracted the attention of local police officers who let him try out their speed gun.

His mum said Harry "thinks police officers are superheroes".

After the family cat Trevor was run over last month on the 30mph (48km/h) narrow road outside his home, Harry became concerned about speeding, his mother Claire Cannell said.

Harry decided he wanted to do something about it so she got him a hi-vis vest and bought a sign saying "slow - children and animals" for the garden fence.

"I've stood out in my driveway with a really bright jacket on telling people to stop if there's another car coming the other way," he said.

Image copyright Norfolk Police
Image caption Police let Harry try out their speed gun and one of their jackets

When Mrs Cannell posted on social media about speeding through the tiny village back road, Norfolk Police got in touch to see if they could help.

Officers visited their home and saw Harry in action.

They let him try out their speed gun, wear one of their jackets and look inside their car.

"We didn't get any speeders, most were going at 28mph (45km/h)," Harry said.

Image copyright Norfolk Police
Image caption Special Sgt Jason Crisp (l) and PC James Lister helped Harry with his road safety campaign

Posting a photograph of Harry working with them, police officers wrote on Facebook: "Harry has been encouraging road safety and speed awareness on his street.

"We think he'll make a great police officer."

Image copyright Claire Cannell
Image caption Harry became more concerned about speeders when Trevor the cat was hit by a car

Harry's mum said: "It really made his day, he wants to be a policeman and he thinks officers are superheroes."

He is continuing his mission at the end of the driveway, being "very polite".

"He waves at the people he thinks are doing the right speed and he has a stern face for people he thinks aren't," Mrs Cannell added.

Harry said he thought it made "a bit" of a difference.

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