Norwich restaurant drops Deliveroo over 'terrible' service

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Image caption Gonzo's Tea Room said Deliveroo's service was "unacceptable"

A restaurant has said it will stop using Deliveroo after alleging that a rider delivered an order to a customer despite dropping it on the floor.

Gonzo's Tea Room in Norwich said it had been unable to contact the customer as Deliveroo does not give it contact details.

One of the burger bar's owners Mike Baxter said the service was "terrible".

The delivery company said it took complaints "extremely seriously" and the customer had been refunded.

"The rider escalation team will resolve the issue with the rider to make sure it never happens again," a Deliveroo spokeswoman said.

The London Street restaurant also said cold food had been delivered to customers as riders would wait for multiple orders "to increase their pay per trip".

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Image caption The restaurant said it tried to stop the rider from leaving

In a Facebook post, Gonzo's Tea Room said it would "100% be leaving Deliveroo" and apologised to customers affected.

The restaurant and cocktail bar said on Sunday staff saw a rider drop an order on the ground twice and "the boxes popped open".

"We noticed a rider leaving our venue, dropping food on the ground and then picking it up, packing it back in the bag and then taking it for delivery," Mr Baxter said.

He said staff confronted the rider but they were ignored.

"We literally have no idea where the food went or how to contact the customer," the post said.

A spokeswoman for Deliveroo said the company aimed to "have world-leading customer service, as our customers deserve".

She added: "If we fall short of the high standards we set ourselves we will take immediate action to rectify the situation, as we have done in this case."

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