Norfolk father and son build 'history lesson' roundhouse

Logan Flack holding the wattle-and-daub Image copyright Adam Flack
Image caption Logan Flack has been hands-on with his project on the Anglo-Saxons

A father and son have built a replica Anglo-Saxon roundhouse in their back garden during lockdown.

Adam Flack and seven-year-old Logan have spent seven weeks working on their recreation of a den design from about 1,600 years ago.

Mr Flack, 37, of Hoe, near Dereham in Norfolk, said his son had been learning about the era at school so decided to carry on the history project at home.

He said: "I thought this was an ideal opportunity to have a go at it."

Image copyright Adam Flack
Image caption Adam Flack and his son have spent most days working on their den

Mr Flack said they had been looking at building garden dens before the pandemic struck.

The father-of-one also became unexpectedly free after all his bookings for his traditional crafts and outdoor adventure business had to be cancelled overnight.

"Logan had been learning about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings and was so sad about not getting to see his friends," said Mr Flack.

"Lots of horrible things have happened due to coronavirus, but I thought in our garden we can try to make it nice."

Image copyright Adam Flack
Image caption The perimeter for the roundhouse was marked out with rope and sticks

The frame of the roundhouse, which measures 10ft (3m) in diameter, has been weaved from willow and hazel and covered in a wattle-and-daub mud mixture.

With the roundhouse nearly finished, Mr Flack said he was looking forward to taking a photo of Logan outside, posing with a handmade wooden sword, shield and Saxon brooch his son had designed himself.

"It will be a cool memento," said Mr Flack.

Image copyright Adam Flack
Image caption The project is close to completion

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