Coronavirus: Robins find nesting space in lockdown cars

Robin in the wheel arch of Charlie Talmadge Image copyright Emma Talmadge
Image caption The robins have nested in the wheel arch of Charlie Talmadge's car

A man was surprised to discover robins nesting in his cars which had been used less frequently during the lockdown.

Charlie Talmadge, of Reepham, Norfolk, said he first became aware of a nest behind the grill of his Volvo when two robins were staring at him "intently".

He said unknowingly he had been to the shops with the chicks in tow, but they were unharmed and eventually fledged.

Mr Talmadge, 60, has since discovered a second nest in the wheel arch of his wife's car.

"I couldn't believe it happened the first time but to do both of the cars is quite unusual," he said.

Image copyright Emma Talmadge
Image caption Mr Talmadge cannot use his car until the chicks have fledged

Mr Talmadge said they currently cannot move the Range Rover with the robin's nest there.

"Every time you look at 'mother robin', she's having none of it," he said.

"Hopefully this second lot will come through."

Image copyright Charlie Talmadge
Image caption The first set of robin chicks have since fledged

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