Ambulance worker struck off for groping student

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The student said all she wanted to be was a paramedic, but she was scared of David Glenton who made her feel vulnerable

A senior paramedic has been struck off for touching a student's bottom, breast and thigh and telling her he would make her cry.

East of England Ambulance Service worker David Glenton was the student paramedic's mentor in 2016 and 2017.

He denied touching her but admitted making ill-judged comments.

The Health and Care Professions Tribunals Service found he abused his professional position and was guilty of sexual misconduct.

The University of East Anglia (UEA) student worked alongside Mr Glenton for seven shifts during her first year.

The tribunal heard he used "a lingered touch" to remove her pen from her breast pocket, that he touched her bottom while moving behind her in the ambulance and her thigh while reaching for a fob watch hanging from her belt.

He was also found to have said: "I am going to make you cry, you bitch," when discussing her competency.

'This wasn't normal'

Mr Glenton told her his previous student paramedic, who had also complained about him, was his "nemesis and she is struggling now".

It was not until the first-year student described his language and behaviour to friends that she realised "this wasn't normal" and was not part of ambulance culture, the tribunal heard.

Witnesses for Mr Glenton said they did not see any bullying or inappropriate behaviour by him, and nor did the student appear to be scared.

The senior paramedic, who had 20 years' experience, admitted making ill-judged comments with "schoolboy" and "black humour", including using the word "nemesis".

The student was on track to graduate but said she dropped out due to health issues resulting from Mr Glenton's conduct.

The panel considered that Mr Glenton had shown limited levels of insight and remorse.

It said a striking-off order reflected "the nature and gravity of the misconduct".

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