Norfolk kindness museum celebrates goodwill of strangers

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Kazz Morohashi and her husband Ralph Paprzycki hope the museum will inspire others

Stories of random acts of kindness are being showcased at a pop-up museum.

People from across the world shared their stories with Kazz Morohashi and her husband Ralph Paprzycki when they created a website asking for examples of the kindness of strangers.

Some of those stories have been transformed into art for a museum of kindness in Norwich.

Ms Morohashi said she hoped it would inspire other people to "spread kindness".

Image source, Kazz Morohashi
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The gold plated tooth represents the kindness of a dentist monk

Among the 30 stories in the Museum of Human Kindness is one about a teenage girl from Norwich who fell off a bus when ill with Dengue fever.

Delirious, she had no idea where she was but a local family took her in and nursed her back to health.

Another tells the story of a woman from Sunderland struggling with her mental health who found a friend after a stranger contacted her on Twitter.

A gold-plated tooth, created by Ms Morohashi, tells the story of a man who was given free dental care while staying at a monastery in Greece.

Image source, Kazz Morohashi
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A sharing umbrella has been created for people to record their own stories

The couple started the website asking people to share their stories in 2018, later inviting 12 artists to join the project.

Ms Morohashi said: "We all chose stories for different reasons, some people liked the risk of reaching out to complete strangers or had a connection.

"Our lives are marked by kind acts by friends and family, and even strangers, but we don't always notice."

The museum also has a "sharing umbrella" - an installation allowing people to record their own experiences of kindness from strangers.

There are 12 art pieces and 30 stories being shared at the Anteros Arts Foundation in Norwich, until 23 November.

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