Toad wedged in decking of Norwich garden

Toad trapped in decking Image copyright RSPCA
Image caption "He was the biggest, fattest toad I have ever seen," his RSPCA rescuer said

A "chubby" toad found himself in a whole lot of trouble when he misjudged his girth and became stuck head-first in some garden decking.

The ample amphibian managed to get himself firmly wedged in a gap between the boards in a Norwich garden.

"He was the biggest, fattest toad I have ever seen," said RSPCA inspector Jason Finch, who had to saw around the boards to release it.

The tubby toad was unharmed after being safely released near the garden pond.

"Much like his literary counterpart, this Mr Toad had got himself in a spot of bother," Mr Finch said.

"I can only think he was after a nice fly or a juicy bug when he decided to stick his head down the gap."

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In fact, the toad was so firmly wedged, he could not be pulled out without the risk of injury.

Image copyright RSPCA
Image caption RSPCA inspector Jason Finch had to carry out some "reverse" DIY on the decking to rescue the toad

The Coleburn Road homeowner allowed Mr Finch to saw the boards, however, the determined toad managed to squeeze his bottom through the gap and then became trapped under the decking.

After removing a section of the decking, the toad was lifted to safety and released.

Mr Finch said it was "really heart-warming that people are prepared to go the extra mile" by allowing him to cut up their decking to rescue the toad.

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