'Death threats' pub removes foie gras from Valentine's menu

The Kings Arms, Fleggburgh
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The Kings Arms claimed its phone lines and social media pages were used to make threats to staff

A pub has removed foie gras from its Valentine's menu after claiming death threats were made to staff.

The King's Arms at Fleggburgh had listed foie gras - made by force-feeding corn to ducks or geese - on its tasting menu for 13 and 14 February.

Owner and chef Mark Dixon said staff were threatened over the phone and on social media by "vegan activists".

Norfolk Police said they were aware but would not investigate further as no direct threats had been made.

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Chef Mark Dixon said he had no problem serving foie gras and claimed production methods were "as humane as possible"
Image source, Kings Arms
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The pub was due to serve foie gras as a parfait

"They were very aggressive, calling me vile, [asking] have I got no morals?," he said.

He claimed he pub also received "20 to 30" false bookings on its website and messages on its Facebook page that protesters would turn up at the pub on Saturday evening.

Restaurant manager Natasha Rook said she did not believe it was fair on staff who "did not make these decisions" to put up with the threats.

"They [the callers] said to me 'how about we come we kill you, force feed you the same way you are doing to those birds?'."

Foie gras literally means "fatty liver" and is illegal to produce in the UK under animal welfare laws.

Mr Dixon said foie gras was not a regular feature of the pub's menu but he believed it was acceptable to serve.

"It's not as it was 20 or 30 years ago, it's done as humanely as possible.

"If they can sell it [in the UK], then it must meet health and safety standards."

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