Star Wars fans stuck in lift write 'help' to grab attention

People stuck in lift in Norwich Image copyright Martin Burge
Image caption Martin Burge (bottom left) was stuck in the lift with his sister Emily (bottom right) and friends

Star Wars fans failed to use the force when they became stuck in a lift in Norwich but did manage to summon assistance by writing "help" in a steamed-up window.

The group of 11 were trapped between floors two and three at the Riverside car park on Boxing Day after watching The Force Awakens at the cinema.

Martin Burge, who posted pictures of the incident on Twitter, said the fire brigade freed them after 45 minutes.

"It began to get pretty hot", he said.

"My sister was with me and we pushed the [alarm] button but no-one answered.

"We then held it down and no-one answered again so we started knocking and waving.

"My sister then wrote "help" in condensation in the window and we finally flagged someone down outside.

Image copyright Martin Burge
Image caption Fire crews dragged people up to the third floor after forcing open the lift doors

"It wasn't as dramatic as in the movies. Quite surprisingly, everyone was very calm and rather bemused."

The 23-year-old from Attleborough said they communicated with people outside by writing in their phones to try and get help.

First reported in the Eastern Daily Press, the fire brigade was called by security at 17:45 GMT and the group was released after about 45 minutes.

Mr Burge said it would not put him off using lifts in future, but added "maybe if I'm parked on just the second floor I'll get the stairs next time".

The BBC has contacted car park operator Riverside Entertainment for comment.

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