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Norfolk child abuse trial boy 'did not want to talk'

By Julian Sturdy
BBC Look East

image captionThe 10 defendants, including Carol Stadler (pictured top, second left) and Jason Adams (pictured bottom, first left), deny sexual abuse of children

An alleged sex abuse victim was told by a social worker he was "being rude" after saying he "did not want to talk", a court heard.

Six women and four men are on trial at Norwich Crown Court accused of 38 charges of sexually abusing and neglecting five young children.

The jury was played a recording of the boy's camera interview.

Earlier in the trial, the prosecution had dismissed the idea social workers planted memories in children's heads.

The social worker conducting the interview, identified only in court as Ky, is heard saying: "The sooner you say what we have got to say, the sooner you get to play.

"Please. That is being rude. You know why you are here."

'Something happened'

The boy, who was in his early school years, was repeatedly pressed after saying "I don't want to talk about nothing."

In the recording, the social worker is heard telling the boy he was "being rude" for not talking on camera.

image copyrightPriscilla Coleman
image captionAn artist's impression of the 10 defendants on trial at Norwich Crown Court

Later in the DVD recording which lasts 17 minutes, the boy said he was bored and wanted to leave.

The social worker, who is accompanied by a police officer, tells him they had been waiting for ages, and he knew he wanted to talk.

"We have been told something happened to you," Ky tells the boy.

On Monday, prosecutor Angela Rafferty had told the jury foster carers and social workers would be heavily criticised in the case.

But she added the idea they "planted these memories or somehow got the children to make up these stories is an attempt to deflect you from the dreadful truth."

All the 10 defendants range in age from 31 to 84. They are Marie Black, Anthony Stadler, Kathleen Adams, Carol Stadler, Nicola Collins, Andrew Collins, Judith Fuller, Denise Barnes, Jason Adams, all from Norwich, and Michael Rogers, from Romford.

The trial continues.

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