University of East Anglia chemistry lab fire: Tests now under way

Fire engines at University of East Anglia Image copyright BBC Sport
Image caption Firefighters were called to the university at about 10:30 BST

Tests are being undertaken at the University of East Anglia (UEA) in Norwich to ensure there is "no leakage" of chemicals after a laboratory fire.

Hundreds of people were evacuated from the campus building when firefighters were called to the third floor blaze at about 10:30 BST.

The fire service is now working with UEA staff to establish what chemicals were in the laboratory.

Twelve engines were dispatched to the incident. Nobody was injured.

Image copyright Melissa Cooper
Image caption The building was evacuated after the fire broke out in the chemistry laboratory
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Image caption @Livewire1350 tweeted: UEA teaching wall is out of action, avoid for the time being #ueafire

Roy Harold, from Norfolk Fire and Rescue, said: "We understand two members of staff were working on some chemicals and there was a small fire in a fume cupboard.

"We've now sealed the area off... but we've got breathing apparatus crews taking gas monitoring equipment to check there no leakage of chemicals from the lab.

"The risk in a lab like this is there's a whole host of chemicals in the lab and it's taking a little while to compile a full list of what's up there.

"We'll need to make sure we work carefully in that making one chemical safe, we don't cause a risk with one of the others."

The rest of the university is running as normal.

Image caption There have been no reports of injuries as a result of the laboratory fire

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