Great Yarmouth dog on Ibuprofen chewed off own paw

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Image caption O'Neil and Lynch gave Jessie ibuprofen when her medication ran out

A dog given Ibuprofen by its owners for a neurological condition became so distressed it chewed off its own paw.

Tony O'Neil, 55 and Donna Lynch, 44, of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, gave the painkiller to brindle mastiff Jessie when her prescribed medication ran out.

The RSPCA said the drug would not have helped the pain of the chewed paw and could be toxic to dogs.

They were found guilty of charges under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and fined by Great Yarmouth magistrates.

Jessie had been suffering from a lame leg caused by her neurological condition, the RSPCA said.

O'Neil and Lynch had previously been given medication but failed to return to the vet when it ran out.

In June 2013, when they eventually took her to a vet, a bandage was unwrapped on her left hind leg to reveal she had completely chewed her own paw off.

'Really severe state'

The 13-year-old dog had to be put to sleep.

RSPCA inspector Carrie O'Riordan said: "This was one of the most visually distressing sights I have ever seen.

"There was a long-standing neurological problem which made her lame in one leg and she had become weaker and weaker.

"We think it must have been causing her a lot of pain and agitation, hence why she chewed on it so much.

"She must have been in a really severe state of suffering for quite some time to have done this to herself."

On Monday, O'Neil, of Middle Road, was fined £625 and Lynch, of Nelson Road Central, £260, for failing to provide adequate veterinary care and failing to protect Jessie from pain.

Each must pay £500 towards costs.

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