Norfolk driver, 97, fined after demolishing house porch

A 97-year-old woman from Norfolk who reversed at speed out of her drive and hit a house opposite has been given five penalty points and fined £265.

Beulah Carr, of Fulcher Avenue in Cromer, reversed her automatic car from her drive, crossed a carriageway at speed and demolished a house porch.

She wrote to Norwich Magistrates' Court pleading guilty to driving without due care and attention but did not appear.

Magistrate Paul Allen gave Mrs Carr credit for her admission in sentencing.

The court heard that Mrs Carr was reversing out of her drive and mistook the accelerator for the brake on 12 March this year.

She lost control of the car and reversed at high speed across the carriageway and a footpath, going through the fence of a house on the opposite side and hitting the porch.

Mr Allen said it had been a momentary loss of attention but still warranted the penalty points.

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