Ruddy Muddy 'graffilthy art' on Norfolk's grubby white vans

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Media captionRuddy Muddy said he started his van art to make people smile

A bored van driver has put his artistic talents to use by decorating other people's dirty vehicles.

Rick Minns, nicknamed Ruddy Muddy, from Wicklewood in Norfolk creates his works of art in the mud, grease and dust on unwashed vans using a tissue.

He calls it "graffilthy art" and said he hoped people would find it more interesting than the usual "clean me" often scrawled on mud-spattered vans.

No-one had complained he said, and many owners had been in touch to thank him.

"I was a bit bored at work one day, with a bit of spare time on my hands and thought it looked like a bit of fun," Mr Minns said.

"I played around with a few things and they sort of developed from there."

Image caption Van artist Rick Minns calls his work "graffilthy art"

His drawings take between five minutes and an hour.

He uses his fingernails to roughly sketch the image, then his finger or a tissue to complete the work.

"Maybe even a cotton bud - that's about as extravagant as it gets," Mr Minns said.

He said his artwork was spreading across the region and people had spotted it in most counties in the east - and then got in touch with him via social media.

"Hopefully it gives a smile to a few other people as well as me," he said.

"All you really need though is a dirty van. That's the important bit."

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